來自瑞士 維力諾 水護色吹風機


From Switzerland VALERA hair care appliances

Has been developing and producing appliances to dry and style hair for almost 60 years. The focal point and aim of our product development is healthy and cared for hair, appliances is designed to be protective, even caring. A high standard we can be satisfied with


來自以色列 雅蓓絲 所羅門油護髮精華


From Israel Abyssian hair care cosmetics

We created to be the one-stop natural beauty solution for your hair, all our products are enriched with Abyssinian oil, with superior regeneration, shine and moisturizing properties, to restore your hair to its natural and healthy glow


來自荷蘭 VACUVITA 智能真空保鮮機


From Dutch VACUVITA vacuum sealer

100% Dutch design product created to compliment the kitchen interior, unique and easy access storage system the amount of steps you have to take to save food and keep the food fresh, not a machine people want to stow away


來自美國 Split-Ender PRO 分岔髮修剪器


From USA TALAVERA split-ender pro

The Split-Ender is a unique and revolutionary worldwide patented invention that is specially designed to guide the hair ends into the blades in a straight motion, trimming the very end of the hair strand


來自美國 Pulsaderm 3D音波脈衝洗臉機


From USA Pulsaderm cosmeceuticals

Research and development oriented company that puts innovation and quality first by only using the best and healthiest, with the objective of developing scientifically advanced, clinically proven anti-aging skin care products and devices. with Pulsaderm products, aging is now an option